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Powering Sydney’s Future Design & Construction of Muir Rd Cable Bridge Special Crossing


Muir Rd, Chullora, Sydney




2019 - 2021

Certus Projects were contracted to design and construct the Muir Road bridge cable crossings as part of the TransGrid Powering Sydney’s Future project. The project is located within the City of Canterbury Bankstown local government area.


The Muir Road Cable Bridge is a 29.5m long single span bridge with a total width of 3.1m and 2.7m between kerbs. The bridge has a minimum vertical clearance of 7metres to track. The bridge abutment supports are positioned behind the existing Muir Road road bridge wing walls and based on the current track alignment (of the disused good line), lateral clearances meet the requirements of the ASA transit space standard.


The bridge is constructed from prestressed concrete (PSC) girders with voids to allow for cabling to

be incorporated into the design. The bridge is non-accessible to the public and has security gates at either end with vertical screens along its edges, forming an enclosure. Enclosed fencing joins into the existing property boundary leading up to the bridge.

Key features of the project include:

  • Design Investigation requirements

  • Sydney Trains CCB (Configuration Control Board) Process

  • Construction of Abutment A has several challenges based on limited space and it is positioned on a steep embankment

  • Major Crane Lift

  • Access and Egress to construct on an extremely busy road network

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