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About Us

Certus (Latin) meaning

undoubted, certain, sure, resolved

Certus Projects is a civil engineering contractor operating in the infrastructure sector of the construction industry. Our team encompass a diverse range of skills and knowledge in design, construction management, civil engineering, occupational health and safety management, environmental management and quality control. 


We optimise our clients’ infrastructure assets and operational practices through collaboration and delivery, while also valuing environmental responsibilities and community advancement.


Our People

The philosophy of our success and the success of our projects is based on the value of our people. We are committed to promoting diversity, equality and a supportive environment where individuals take ownership of their decision making and professional contribution to the organisation. We acknowledge that people and the continuous reinvention of their capability is a strength to the company.   


One of our company's objectives is to ensure the right people are in the right place to deliver high-quality service, with a focus on ensuring the community have the valuable infrastructure to enjoy in the long term.

Our People

Our people come from all different backgrounds, however, we all have a common vision:


  • The vision to be a part of a brand that makes a positive contribution to the community

  • The vision to believe in their own potential and being able to grow with the support of our company's leaders

  • The vision to deliver high standard infrastructure works to our clients consistently


We implement career development programs tailored towards our peoples' individual needs. Our people are valued in all aspects of their lives including both in professional and personal aspirations.

Our Values

Our Values 

Our company culture integrates empathy to build trust and relationships with people. Our people are involved in the decision-making processes throughout our journey. We foster a culture of leadership, integrity, transparency, accountability and celebrating milestones. Every day we build upon and live this culture through our core values:


Recognising the value of inclusion and equality to increase performance, engagement and efficiency.


Motivating each team member to perform to their potential and maintain personal and organisational values.


Upstanding reliable and trustworthy character to foster a positive and open work environment.


Taking the initiative to bring about positive results and continue to make the best possible business decisions


Building a strong team that together work towards the goals and vision of our clients.

We foster a culture of leadership, integrity, excellence, professionalism and inclusivity.

Inclusion & Diversity

Inclusion & Diversity
Braille Inscription in Railing
Gender Equality

Certus Projects are committed to gender equality and equal opportunity in employment. We promote equal representation for women in the workplace and practice conscious inclusivity.

Our Inclusion & Diversity strategies ensures all individuals at Certus Projects are respected and educated in line with our HR practices.



Disability Inclusion

At Certus Projects, we aim to focus on people's abilities and how we can help them succeed.

We understand disabilities can vary depending on several factors such as health, underlying impairment or   assistive technologies

 We support disability inclusion and make sure everybody has the same opportunities to participate in every aspect of their professional life to the best of their abilities and desires.

Image by Tyler Nix
Family & Caring

Certus Projects recognises the importance of balancing work and family responsibilities and seeks to provide our people with choice and flexibility.

Regardless of gender, both parents are able to access up to a minimum 12 weeks paid parental leave during the 12 months following a child’s birth, adoption or surrogacy.


We also offer flexible paid parental leave enabling you to balance work and parental care during the working week for the term of your parental leave.

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